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I have a store that has 6 Products, they are Custom Built Roll Cages for UTVs. Each cage has about 12 add-on features such as: Add Windshield, Add Light Bar Tabs, Add Rear/Center Mirror Mount, Add Powder Coating, Add TIG Welding, etc. etc. There are about 12 add-on options to be selected if our users desire, that will impact the price. 

I added the "Advanced Product Options" Application by Mageworx. As it turns out, there options sets are not compatible with the "Buy It Now" button, therefore not translating the add-on prices or items to the check out page. What do I do to remedy this? 

I see that we can possible make each Add-on Option a "Product" then showcase them in the "Suggested Items" Section - but I am looking for a little bit more integration with the actual product. Looking forward to your response community, thank you. 

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