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Hi, is there a way to automate orders from Amazon to my Shopify store? I am doing Amazon FBM but I already have an existing Shopify store. This way any purchases that happens in Amazon automatically shoots to Shopify, so I don't have to create a manual entry or open both to check any pending orders?

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The Codisto app can help you sync your Amazon orders automatically to Shopify for fulfillment. Once the order got fulfilled on Shopify and tracking number was added, the app will automatically push back the tracking updates to Amazon. 

The app can also manage your existing Amazon listings by linking them to your Shopify products. It can then sync your inventories between Shopify and Amazon, using your Shopify inventory as the source of truth. 


You may also use the app in creating new listings or creating offers on Amazon. 


Feel free to contact our Support Team open 24/7 by sending an email to support@codisto.com or via live chat by clicking on the Chat/Support button on the lower-right portion of any of our Help articles.

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The Amazon Easy Tool Sales channel does just that- it focused on instant retrieval of the orders in your back-office as it is connected through notifications with your Seller central. You can fullfil your orders straight from your Shopify Back-office in no time. It is also compatible with retrieving your FBA orders so you can track them on Shopify reports. support@toolecommerce.com

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Yes, you can effortlessly automate the process of transferring orders from Amazon to your Shopify store using the powerful integration of Amazon MCF by WebBee. This seamless connection enables automatic order fulfillment and real-time inventory synchronization between your Shopify store and Amazon. This integration ensures that orders placed on Amazon seamlessly transfer to your Shopify store, removing the necessity for manual entry or monitoring across multiple platforms.


If you have any questions or need further assistance in setting up this integration, feel free to write to us at info@webbeeglobal.com.

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