Order line item data redaction

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We have a scenario where we would like to remove/aggregate order line items after payment. 
Example: A customer checks out a basket with 3 line items, 2 of those items have a flag indicating we would like to update the basket with these 2 items removed and a new line item added that contains a summary of those items.
Order placed and paid:
  • Item A ($10)
  • Item B (has special tag) ($20)
  • Item C (has special tag) ($5)
should become directly after payment:
  • Item A ($10)
  • Item D ($25) with generic name
We want to ensure there is no record in our shopify database that the customer has bought item B and C (those records are being held in a separate database accessible to the customer), whereas the Shopfiy database should only have item D with the aggregated price.
Is this something we could achieve with a custom app / API integration at all? If it is possible we are also keen to understand how we can adjust the default order lifecycle to only allow orders to be fulfilled once they are in the final state above.
Appreciate any pointers.
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This is the reverse of what we do in our bundle app. In that we modify the order lines into the components. So you can definitely combine products if you have them mapped in an app like our own.

However, Shopify doesn't let you permanently remove an order line and as such the original will still remain albeit marked as unfulfillable.



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