Order management - note_attributes is empty (sometime)

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I’m here because of a bug (I would say) I can’t find way of correcting.



Store : https://furniture.mateli.jp/ (Japan)

Theme : Warehouse 1.15.1

Probleme : Sometime, the “note_attributes” in an order is empty


Way of repeating

I cannot recreate


More informations


When a customer in our shop want to complete the shopping process in the “cart” page, he has to clic a checkbox “【カード決済について】” informing about important cancel and shipping policies.

An alert message appears if you want to continue without checking this box. It’s done with the following javascript in the “cart-template.liquid” :





$(document).ready(function() {
  $('body').on('click', '[name="checkout"], [name="goto_pp"], [name="goto_gc"]', function() {
    if ($('#chuui_box_last').is(':checked')) {
    } else {
      alert("チェックアウトに進むには「 {{ section.settings.chuui_box_title_last }}」にチェックをお願い致します。");
      return false;





From what I understand, you cannot continue without at least checking this checkbox.


When the order is validated, in the order details I can see under the memo section an “additional details” with the informations completed in the cart page looking like this :




3 days ago, I uploaded a new version of the theme online.

The main change was to change the type of cart from a “Page” type to a “Drawer” type (+ some CSS).




From 3 days ago, I identified 4 orders that don't contain the “additional information” part (I have a lot of other orders completely normal). I didn’t find the same behaviour even going back a month before so I believe it's releated to this upload.


When looking at the json of a normal order :

"note": null,
"note_attributes": [
{"name": "配送の順番について","value": "検品が終わったものから順次発送希望" }, { "name": "配送希望日", "value": "指定なし" }, { "name": "施工現場", "value": "指定あり" }, { "name": "【カード決済について】\u003cbr\u003e購入から5日以降にキャンセルや注文内容を変更された場合は、\u003cbr\u003eカード決済の3.5~4.2%の手数料がかかります。\u003cbr\u003eキャンセルや変更をお考えの場合はご注意ください。\u003cbr\u003e【1.配送と2.事前の注意事項・カード決済について】を\u003cbr\u003e読みました。", "value": "読みました" } ], "number": 4134,


One without note attribute is like :


"note": null,
"note_attributes": [],
"number": 4135,

"note": null,

     "note_attributes": [],

     "number": 4135,

Does anybody have any clues ?

Thank you

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