Order Status Page Confusing Customers (Shopify Changed Something in Feb 2024)

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Shopify made a change in late February 2024 that has broken the functionality of the order status page link within the admin.


Previously: In the admin when viewing an order, you could select More Actions - > View Order Status Page. This would then show you the full order status page as the customer sees it.


Now: The order status page is locked and requires admins (who are already logged in) to enter both the email address AND the order number. This is inconvenient, time consuming, and completely unnecessary.


Customers who want to view their own order status page are also VERY confused because the instructions say you can enter email OR order number. But the system gives an error if you enter one or the other...the system is requiring BOTH to be entered in order to unlock the page.


Shopify: Please fix the following ASAP:


1) Allow admins who are already logged in to see the full order status page without requiring entering this information.


2) Make it so customers can enter their email address OR their order number so that this matches the instructions you're giving them. 

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