Order Status Page updates no sync with admin order status - Teeinblue App and 3rd party fulfillment

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Hello everyone!


First off, I would like to express how amazing I find it that this group exists! Unfortunately, I need some assistance right away.


I've noticed that the status of orders from Shopify Admin doesn't seem to be updating properly on the Order Status page for customer information.

  • Customers can access their Order Status via the link in their order confirmation email (View Order).
  • The URL follows the "new accounts" structure, for instance in this test-order: https://kokoroxo-prints.de/80622223685/orders/259c303f39725bb27aa94ebb16e92069
  • No login with an email address and password is required.
  • For verification and further information, customers need only to provide their email address and the order number.
  • The orders in question have been fully processed.
  • The order status in Shopify is marked as "fulfilled," and the order is archived.
  • These updates are triggered by the "Teeinblue" app.
  • The fulfillment provider is integrated through the "Teeinblue" app, meaning
  • I do not create shipping labels directly through Shopify.
  • The Teeinblue triggers also flawlessly initiate customer emails, which include information like the tracking number.
  • The Order Status page during fulfillment
    • At the time of order confirmation (by email), it reads "Your order has been confirmed. You will receive an email as soon as your order is ready," followed by the estimated delivery window.
    • With the "Shipping confirmation" email, which also provides the tracking number, the status changes to "We have received your order and are preparing it." This matches the text in the Theme Translations under Checkout & System, "Confirmed description." The delivery window remains, and the tracking number is added.
    • The page remains at this status even after the order is fully archived, so it is never shown as "completed." Additionally, I believe the status "In Transit" would be more appropriate here.
  • In the customer login using email and password, the information from the Shopify Admin area is provided one-to-one. However, there is also no text that translates the Order Status into full sentences, unlike on the Order Status page.

Teeinblue App Provider already told me that everything seems to work fine. 


I could imagine to change the text of the status so that it will fit "all time" but I am not sure if this could case any irritations furthermore. 


Looking forward for some ideas or background informations. 


Kind regards, Maren

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Short update: 

It seems like it´s got something to do with the shipping company. 

One order shipped by UPS generated new events, the former orders (all test orders), shipped by GLS and DPD, did not. 


Has anyone a hint to whom I should get in touch with for solving this issue?