Order tracking page for customers by order number/PHONE number

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An increasing amount of customers are not using their email addresses when checking out. They are using their cell phone numbers. 

All the order tracking apps I've looked at have the customers searching by order number/EMAIL. If they've checked out with their cell phone number, then they cannot look up their tracking on the order tracking page. 

Does anyone know of an app that allows customers to look up tracking solely by order number OR order number/phone number? 

This shouldn't be hard to find, but apparently, it is. 

Thank you!


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Can a regular phone number be tracked like this ?

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This is a tremendous opportunity. I often order various products from different online stores, and my goods must reach me on time. That's why I always try to track my items using the order number. And I can know where my parcel is at any time. I can do the same with a regular phone number. When, for example, I need to see the location of my child. I will find out where it is with the help of the platform numbertrackerpro.com , And I'm not worried. So it's cool that now you can track absolutely everything. And it doesn't matter whether it's the parcel number or the person's number.

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The Shipment tracking & Notify app can help you with this. The app allows you to create a branded tracking page in your store from which your customers can put up the order number and find the live tracking details. Along with this the app also allows you to completely automate the tracking process. 



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