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Hello dear community,


I am facing the following problem:


In the store there is now and then the case that a customer orders multiple items or multiple accessories. In the store then only 1x shipping is charged, although the orders consists of several packages. This causes problems, especially with low-margin products. Actually, shipping should be charged on the orders per package each.


Do you have an idea how I can address the problem? How do you handle this? Currently there is a flat rate for shipping in the store.


Kind regards


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Hi @Patrick_nP,


Unfortunately, this is a limitation with Shopify. If you're using custom rates that you set up yourself, there is currently no way to split the order by package or any other increment. If you use live rates from a carrier, the order will be split based on the size package you define as your default package, which unfortunately, can only be one size.


If you're open to using a third-party solution, Intuitive Shipping lets you split the cart based on different criteria, such as the number of items, the weight of the order, or the amount of the order. For example, if your boxes are limited by weight, you can set up a weight limit for your custom shipping rate. Let's say you set a 10 lb limit and charge $12.00 per box. If a customer orders 15 lbs, they'll be charged $24.00 for shipping. Or, if you set a 20 item limit and charge the same cost, a customer ordering 45 items will be charge $36.00 for shipping.


If you'd like to learn more about this process, feel free to book a demo with one of our team members  who would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any of your questions.


Please note that to use Intuitive Shipping - or any third-party rate calculation app - Shopify requires that you enable their third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates feature. This feature is $20 USD per month. If you change your Shopify billing to annual, they will add the feature at no additional cost (plus they will reduce your billing plan by 10%). If you're on the Advanced plan or higher, this feature is already included and activated by default.

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