Orders Export is not working properly

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I use Order exports for a lot work like Finance and sending the orders to my supplier. Most of my customers come from South East Asia so they input their names in languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. The issue I face is that when I export the orders from Shopify the names and addresses input in foreign language by my customers doesn't show properly in the CSV export files.

Is there a work around for this?

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Hey @drtalha ,

Is the data showing weird characters with accent marks in your spreadsheet software? 

This might be due to the character set/encoding setting in the spreadsheet software you're using.  You'd  normally wanna to use Unicode (UTF-8) for the character set.

Spreadsheet software like LibreOffice and Google Sheets already default to UTF-8. 

If you use Excel for Windows, you can try the steps described here.

Hope that helps!



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Even with utf-8 on my side, only the headlines are correctly delimited. The data is still all in the first column. Is there a solution for that?