Pagefly related question

Pagefly related question

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Hi guys,


I wanted to ask you something. Since I can t code in css, and I want an outstanding beautiful-looking page, I decided to use pagefly. I know that there are pros and cons, but it is a lot easier for me to structure and build the website. But only because I don t have to code, doesn t mean that pagefly is easy. This is why I m getting in touch with you. I noticed that there are so many functionalities, so many options and I just don t know where to start. Before building the website, I decided to learn the basic functionalities and options of pagefly and only then begin to create the website. But I just don t really find many resources on pagefly.. Do you have some recommandation or a curriculum on learning pagefly efficiently? I want to launch my store in 1-2 months. Thanks.

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Hey there!


Great choice using PageFly! It can feel a bit overwhelming at first, but there are some helpful resources to get you started. Check out the tutorials in PageFly's Help Center—they have guides on the basics and beyond.


YouTube also has loads of tutorial videos for beginners that show you step by step how to use different features. These can make learning a lot easier.


Good luck with your store launch.