Pages redirect to wrong page on mobile

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I am using the Taste theme and having issues with my pages directing differently on mobile than in desktop. So on desktop I have 4 sections (banners, signs, vehicle graphics and window graphics) that all have a button that leads to their own page, however, on my mobile all of those sections lead to the banner page? Any ideas on why this is happening or how i can fix it? Tia x

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Issue may be due to misconfigured links or a mobile specific theme setting. I think you should first check that the buttons on the mobile version of your site have the correct URLs. Go to your theme editor, switch to the mobile view, and verify each button's link in the "banners," "signs," "vehicle graphics," and "window graphics" sections.


And also make sure they point to the correct pages. If the links are correct, check if any mobile-specific JavaScript or redirection settings are causing the issue. Fixing these should resolve the problem and ensure that each button leads to its intended page on both desktop and mobile.