Parent menu link - not working

Parent menu link - not working

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Is there a way that I can assign a hyperlink to the parent item of my menu?

I am using the Dawn theme, and I have a range of menu items. e.g:





When I click 'Men', I would like it to go to a collection, that includes everything else underneath. I have linked it to the collection, but it does not go anywhere when clicked (simply, it just expands, rather than clicks through).


Is there a way to correct this?

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Hi @Jj37 ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


Yes, you can make parent menu items clickable in your Dawn theme! Here's how:

  1. Edit theme code (Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit).
  2. In header.liquid, find the code that links child menu items.
  3. Add a similar line above it for the parent item.
    • Replace the title with your desired text (e.g., "Men's Collection").
    • Replace REPLACE_WITH_COLLECTION_URL with your collection's actual URL (found in Products > Collections).
  4. Save the theme.

Now clicking the parent item will take users to the linked collection.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly


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Is there an easier/better way to achieve this? Such as putting a "view all" button at the top of drop down menu?  Your solution will make every parent go to the same link.


Within the Navigation settings, it asks for the 'link' to the parent menu item, so I do not know why it does no click/work.