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Hi! I have a problem with my password page on my website. I am going to have a new drop in a few days and I wanted to have my website closed with password for the drop so the ones that want early access can sign up for it. However, when I turned it on it did not work. 


When I did go though the instagram link for my website in bio, and I tried to enter my email and enter the sign up button, it did not work. But, when I did go to an external browser, like google or safari and searched  up my website link manually it worked perfectly fine; when I clicked on the sign up button it led me to another "page" and said that the mail was received and that I will get a notification before the drop. 


I want this function to be as easy as possible to my customers, since most of them go though my TikTok og instagram link to my website. My theme is: Ira 4.2.0 by Fluorescent Design Inc. It says on the website: "After careful consideration, we've decided to retire our Ira theme. This means that we will no longer provide theme support or updates for current users after May 18, 2024". Ohno..


How can I fix this problem? NEED HELP ASAP.


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We are having a problem with our wholesale page too - when customers try to create account they get this message "

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