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As I prepare to launch our store I've set it up for password protection with the ability to capture emails as we gear up for launch. This will allow us to promote ahead of time and give early adopters a benefit/thank you for supporting us through launch.


One issue I've run into is with the double opt-in function. The link in the email confirmation takes them right back to the same password protected page which is a terrible user experience.


It would be ideal to be able to point the subscription confirmation link from the email to a thank you page that sits outside of the password protected site. This closes the loop and confirms to the customer that they've officially subscribed to our communications.


Is it possible to setup a thank you page outside of the password protected site?


If so how do I point to it without breaking the confirmation script?

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I don't believe what you're looking for is possible outside of deploying a separate page outside of your Shopify store. Then you can just send your visitors there instead. You can look into setting up a subdomain but I believe that will still prompt the visitor for the password as long as you keep that configuration. Here's a reference to look at

I'm not sure what method you're using to capture emails but you can look at modifying the behavior of the confirmation click in the email. You can also consider including a simple message explaining the behavior while you work on getting your store to launch. 

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