Password protecting a specific collection

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Hi there, I'm looking to password protect a specific collection on my website. I use the theme Studio and while I've found similar questions and solutions, it seems to vary upon each theme. My end goal is to have customers use a password to shop a certain collection. Can anyone walk me through the steps on how to achieve this? 

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Easiest/best way to do this would be using the Locksmith app (

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The best way to accomplish this today is by taking advantage of the Shopify ecosystem and use an app that's been built specifically to password protect sections of sites. Always look at the overall rating, number of reviews, and cost. Most apps will offer a free trial period, it can't hurt to try out a few!


Some options:

  • Locksmith (4.7 stars, 481 reviews, $12/month, 15-day trial) - very popular, great reviews)
  • EasyLockdown (4.7 stars, 255 reviews, $9/month, 7-day trial) - very popular, great reviews
  • Passwordify (3.0 stars, 15 reviews, $7.99/month, 7-day trial) - note the url is different from the app name, reviews talk about issues with getting timely support 🙃
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Hello @FarmhouseCustom 


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To achieve this you can either use Locksmith app or custom code the whole functionality if you are familiar with coding or can hire a reasonable cost developer to help you.



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