Pattern of Shopify Resetting Marketing Programs to Zero

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Over the past year, I noticed a pattern.

I had a geo-fencing campaign that brought in thousands of people to view the website. It was fantastic. Then a few months later, it went down to exactly zero. Thought the program didn't work anymore.


Started a backlinks program along with plug in to major retailer. We were getting consistent sales organically and through the plug in, both equally pulling its own weight. For same amount of months (as above) it was great consistent sales. Then one day, it stopped and went down to exactly zero...again. I even suspect it did the same thing to a social media campaign I ran prior to the geo-fencing. 


I had the website backend and code checked, it's in clean, and good shape. I suspect it to be the server. This happened at another hosting company where it cycles through and it's like hitting a 'reset' button. Everything that was working shuts down, and starts from scratch. It takes 2 months for it to come back before sales starts up again. 


How can I prove it, or get Shopify to move the website to a different server? Or if anyone else has had this issue, how did you overcome it?

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