Paused my sim card to travel - no recovery code - How to login?

Paused my sim card to travel - no recovery code - How to login?

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Hi Shopify community, 


I've paused my sim card to travel for 4 months to another country, so I can't receive the authentication code
I also didn't save my backup codes, how can I log in to modify my store?


this is my store link:

and my main account email:


Thank you for helping me

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Hi @bahram_h 


You are very welcome here in the Shopify Community!


I understand that you are having some issues when trying to log in to your account, as you are not receiving the two-factor authentication code to your mobile device.


You mentioned that you have paused your SIM card for 4 months to travel to another country - I hope your travels are going well! I am wondering if it would be possible to contact your mobile service provider, and see if they can temporarily reactivate your SIM card so that you can receive the authentication code? Or perhaps they could offer some other assistance to help you receive the SMS message.


Thanks for confirming that you don't have access to any of your recovery codes - this would have been one of my suggestions, however if you don't have access to them then it won't be possible to login using one of the codes.


If you definitely cannot get access to the two-factor authentication code on your mobile device, and you cannot use either a recovery code or a backup authentication method, then you will need to contact our support team directly so that we can assist you with getting back into your store. You can use this link here to go through our help center. 


If you cannot login to contact our team via the link above, then you will need to select the 'I don't have an account' option, and then proceed through the topic selection until you will be presented with the contact options. Once you are in touch with our team, we will explain the next steps involved in getting back in to your account.


Rick | Shopify 
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I feel your frustration! When I'm traveling abroad, I've learned the hard way about the hassles with local SIM cards. That's why I've switched to using Simify for my e-sim needs—it's been a lifesaver for staying connected without the headache of swapping out physical SIMs. As for your Shopify login issue, since you're unable to receive the authentication code and didn't save backup codes, I recommend reaching out directly to Shopify support. They've helped me in similar jams before and can walk you through alternative verification methods to regain access to your store. Hang in there—I'm sure they'll get you sorted soon.