Pay-what-you-will (Donation/Any amount, etc)

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Is it possible (or how) to make products available for "pay-what-you-will."

for a user-designated price.


This could be:

Open-ended (perhaps with conditional "minimum" parameters)


radio buttons with set amounts. 


It would be really cool, actually, to have it coded such that a cart of items shows a couple recommended price tiers (minimum, average, recommended), then a field to type in an actual user-designated purchase amount. 


Is there an app that does this? Could it be coded?

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Hey @cedarmeadow 


That sounds like an interesting idea!


'Choose your own price' or 'Pay what you want' functionality wouldn't be a default offering on Shopify, so you will most likely need to consider installing a third party app to enable this. I had a look on the Shopify App Store and found the following apps which look suitable. As with all apps, pay attention to the relevant app charges before installing. Also, you can direct any app related questions to the app developers by clicking into the Support tab on the app store page.



I am sure that this could also be custom coded into your store. For that, you could consider hiring a freelance developer from our Shopify Experts site. This may be a more expensive route to go however, so the apps above might be a more sensible option.


I'd love to know more about your business, and your reasoning behind this idea? I would imagine in some scenarios customers might actually be willing to pay more than the standard set price, so perhaps you are hoping to increase your profit margin this way? 


Rick | Shopify 
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Rick, thank you - after we've started to think through functionality and possible UX/UI for this, some of these apps actually look like they might work quite well - I'm curious to explore them.


We've been wresting with price point, especially with something considered an "optional" or "luxury good" in today's economic climate. 


Often, in places like yard sales, you can actually do better by allowing customers to name their own price rather than labeling prices on each thing. On average, we'd love to see if customers would engage more if we opened up this option - we think, not only will it generate more sales, but higher overall revenue based on the good-faith generosity and willingness to engage with us. 


I've started to look into some custom-coding, but will try these apps out first - thank you!

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Honestly this should be a built-in option in shopify. Many other platforms offer this. I'm loving Shopify so far but every now and again I find that what are normally standard options are a paid add on.


... Like Memberships and a tip jar. It would encourage more people to make the switch from gumtree, ko-fi, patreon etc.