Payment gateways for unpopular countries

Payment gateways for unpopular countries

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Hello Everyone, 


My store is based in Saudi Arabia and I am planning to sell globally. I finished setting up my store and didn't realize how hard of a job it would be to setup payments.


Typically, what I did was following the procedure. I added a third payment provider from the list in shopify. Made an account and shared official documentation with them. 


After I got the approval, I was on a google meeting with their tech specialist to finish my account setup. He highlighted to me that with shopify Apple Pay express checkout will only work on credit cards and not debit cards. He recommended me to go with the redirection mode so we can capture debit card payments. I did not like the idea since I was a customer myself to some shops and I was amazed by how the express checkout fills out shipping and make the process so much easier. It was a deciding factor for purchasing at times. 


I decided to look for alternative payment providers. At the same time, I was setting up an account with a different provider. Upon finishing the account setup they told me they only support redirection. I tried to contact Ayden and got rejected since I don't have sales yet. Tried different companies mostly rejected. 


I am down to my last 3 companies from the list since my list only has 7 providers in total. 


My questions would be,


1) Can shopify expedite allowing debt+cc apple pay checkout for the company im using. "The tech had told me they contacted shopify and are working on fixing it"

2) Why do payment providers ask me to remove them from third-party payment provider and add them in the supported payment method? is that for redirection?

3) What alternative solutions might someone have with limited options i.e. only 7 payment gateways

4) There are more payment providers within the alternative payment methods. If I use them will they be able to have direct integration?

5) Is there a way I can tell that the payment provider provides a smooth direct payment integration without asking them?


Below is a list of the payment providers supported:



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