Payment installments for a physical product

Payment installments for a physical product

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Hi! I'm looking for some help with ideas for implementing a payment installments option in my shopify store. I sell IoT wearable devices and would like to offer customers an option to pay up front OR pay for the device in installments (think of how carriers typically work where the line item charge for your device is broken up across your contract) Example:

- Customer can purchase device for $100 today OR pay $8.30/month over a 12 month contract.

- First charge creates a physical / delivery order (we use Ship Station); subsequent charges of course dont tie to a physical product/delivery.

- Customer will also be purchasing a service plan/contract as part of the same checkout


We use ReCharge for our service/subscription payment solution. However ReCharge doesn't seem to have a good solution for a way to charge a set number of recurring payments on a physical product. We're also exploring how to navigate discounting with this as well.


Does anyone have recommendations for something like this?

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Did you find a solution? We are doing something similar except the installments will span 3 months.

The physical product is shipped on installment 1, installment 2 and 3 are payments only. (3 easy payments)