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Payments not associated with any fraudulent order on hold

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When I got a high-value order on 8 November 2020 that flagged as fraudulent Shopify's Risk Team sent an email stating :

At this time we have placed a 120-day reserve on your Shopify Payments account for the amount of the payout associated with this order.

At this time we have set a reserve of $1,424.55 on your Shopify Payments account, which will expire on Mar 09, 2021. If the order has not resulted in a chargeback by this date, the funds held will be paid out to your bank account

Then put a hold on my funds linked to the order. I decided not to fulfill the order and I then refunded the customer the full $1,424.55 and did not fulfill the order. just to see that an extra 290$ were placed on hold out of my 500$ balance and to top it all off my store got frozen yesterday (unpaid bill) the same day I was expecting a payout (depending on it to pay ...) and didn't even get the remaining 210$ in my balance I just paid my bill today and now it says the whole balance of 500 is on hold? even though the email clearly stated that only funds associated with the flagged order would be put on reserve? and all those funds have been refunded to the customer?

If you could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it I tried communicating with the risk team but no reply yet and I also spoke with customer support but they said the risk team will be in touch but no one has given me an answer as of yet and I am getting really frustrated

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This is still a problem happening to me today. Did you ever get it resolved and get your money back? It seems to be a common problem with everyone and I am surprised people are still using Shopify after this. HORRIBLE business! Shame on you Shopify!