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Payout Withheld

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I am a vintage clothing and accessory reseller. I have a brick and mortar store that also sells this product and i use the Shopify POS system. I have been using Shopify for my website since April when I launched and never had any issue with payouts. I received an email saying that all my payouts will be withheld until I prove that I am an authorized reseller. At this point I have over $4300 dollars of my hard earned money sitting in a frozen account. I am not able to access this. I am not able to get in touch with anyone. I have never experienced anything like this in the few months I’ve been issuing Shopify. There is no customer service line anymore and I can’t get in touch with anyone. I have replied 4 times to the one email I received in regards to this but no avail. Please help me get this reconciled so I could Pay my rent. This is such terrible customer service and I am extremely surprised and disappointed by the lack of communication in Shopify’s end. 

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mine have been on hold for 5 days. I reach out to them and all they could tell me is keep waiting.