Payouts on Hold with No Warning or Reason

Payouts on Hold with No Warning or Reason

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Shopify without warning put my payouts on hold and now has over $20,000 of OUR money. I was told the account owner (ME) would receive an email saying why and what we need to do to resolve the issue. However, I NEVER received an email. It has been a week, I've talked with their live chat a dozen times, hoping to ATLEAST know why! We are a small business that has been in business for 34 years. We have bills to pay! I see people saying that Shopify held their payouts for 120 days! I'm hoping that this post lights a fire under someone tookus and they release OUR money, that we earned! Otherwise, it will become a legal battle with our attorney. Absolutely ridiculous. I feel terrible for the customer service agents they let deal with this, when they themselves seem to be in the dark. They helped me "escalate" our ticket number, but that's all they could do. 

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Hi @calebb2b !


Based on experience, payouts on hold issues will take some time to be resolved and even though it is not ideal, you will need to keep an open communication with Shopify support team as they are the only one that has better view of your account's status.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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