Payouts pending over a week with no resolution

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I opened a second store on Shopify and tried to link the same bank account. They told me payouts for the second store would take a week to process, where the original store only takes a day or two. I wasn't happy about this so I chatted with support and the advisor said he would work to have that time reduced. 


Well, now all payouts from the new store are listed as pending with no payout date at all!  I get no response when I reply to the original ticket. It has been over a week with nothing back at all. I have chatted with another advisor who says I just need to wait to hear back. That is not acceptable! I have employees, rent, etc. to pay and need the payouts to begin.


In the meantime, I opened a new account to solve the issue, but the advisor is saying not to try and link that while they are working on the original issue!


Well, they have held my money for longer than a week and provided no way for me to get any information. Does anyone know how to get some clarity, or if I can simply add my new account and resolve the issue?

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