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People choosing pickup option instead of shipping when living in a different state

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Ive set my minimum order amount to $80 before shipping becomes available. If their cart doesn't add up to $80 the pickup option is all that shows. Problem is people from other states are clicking the pickup option as its free rather than the shipping option, or they only have a small order and the shipping option isnt there so they click "pick Up". Is there an app or a way that i can add a note to the checkout so that people know they need to spend a bit more to get shipping?  I do have a not in my announcement bar but people tend to miss it.


I want to write something like "Minimum order $80 for shipping" in the yellow box in pic below




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Hey @Danmuges,

you can simply change the default theme content and write whatever you want in there.

Go to online store > three dots > Edit default theme content

and then search for the Pick up field and change it as you wish.

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