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Hi Guys, if I'm missing something, please let me know - if not can you tell me if you're planning on introducing a system whereby shipping can be a fixed per item rate? i.e. block of wood - $2.00, two blocks of wood, $4.00. I know you can set up multiple shipping rates for ever increasing weights but it really would be much simpler to be able to set a rate for a specific product and have the cart multiply it per number of items.
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I would like a little more flexibility in the shipping module as well. My own request would be for being able to set shipping rates based on price, rather than weight. BUT I think that this comment has also been made in other places in the forum. One proposed solution was to play with the weights.

In the case of the blocks of wood, I suppose you could set each block to have a weight of 1, and simply charge $2 per weight unit of 1.

Damien, I don’t know if that solution scales to any other products you might have, where weight or value might have implications on how much you want to charge for shipping. Moda Colombia Lingerie in Canada
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Check out my comment in the following post to see how shipping charges per price can be done.

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Wow. I'm still looking for a solution to this in 2021. Cannot believe Shopify haven't been able to add a 'per item' shipping option.  Staggering.