Permanently deleting a customer tag

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Hi - is it possible to permanently delete a tag?  We have a tag called 'Trade' which we do not require and would like to remove it from Shopify to avoid confusion.  

I cannot find anywhere to permanently remove it?



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Hi @BenPF ,


Although the Customer tags can be deleted from Customers profile(s), they will not be deleted fully. This is expected behaviour - customer tags are non-deletable, even when unused. This is specifically to avoid any race conditions from the taggings table where we would need to make sure no tagging was done before removing it and re-add it if we decide to tag it again. 


I understand that it would be ideal to fully remove the customer tags that are no longer in use, but this won't be possible at this time. Although, I will be sure to submit some feedback to our developers regarding this.

Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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A "rare case" situation does not sound like a justified reason to create the very common situation of shops having incredibly cluttered tag lists that permanently include years' worth of retired or reformatted tag values. If a tag isn't currently applied to any customer record it should not show up in a shop's tag list. 

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Absolutely agree, it’s a nightmare to manage customer tags, if you do a spelling mistake you will keep a misspelled tag for ever making the interface cluttered  and error prone. Please Shopify correct this issue!!!!

I don’t understand why product tags don’t have this issue but customer tags do! You can avoid a race condition just by locking correctly. 

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Someone suggested in this long thread ( that if the tags can't be deleted, can we at least be able to archive them so they don't appear on the suggested tags list?


I had a mis-configured app that submitted tags as a comma-separated string instead of as separate array elements, so now I have a bunch of customer "tags" where each "tag" is a long list of customer tags. Very annoying because many of them show up whenever I search for an individual tag!