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Good day,

I would like some help in resolving an issue related to variants and stock associated with Baselinker.

I am in the process of creating a store with phone cases that are only produced (sublimated) after a customer order.

We want the product to be the pattern/design (which has no stock) and the variants to be the cases, which means choosing the make of the phone, then the model (and possibly the material of the case as some have two types). Despite 40 different products and in it let's say 20 different cases, the stock for each is the same, because they are not ready-made, and only after ordering are they realized.

Using the same SKUs for variants in each product, Baselinker unfortunately still gets different &variantIDs and doesn't treat it as one, making it impossible for me to keep inventory.
I've used various apps, but they only visually allow you to set variants, with no way to add inventory.
It is also possible to enter the case solution as a product and the patterns as variants, but using the system variants, it would be the patterns that would have the stock, which makes no sense or application.
The most important thing is that Baselinker perceives the case as a product, which it will subtract from the stock.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.