Phone number/address shown when using Printify?

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I'm hoping to sell digital designs I've made on Printify through Shopify, and I was wondering if my home address and/or phone number will be shown to customers? I know they are shown when you are the one to pack/ship the products you sell, but if the products are not coming from my house, will this information still be shown to my customers?

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I believe your address is shown on the packages that customers receive (not sure about the phone number) -- but you can edit your address within Printify. If you don't want to show your home address, then you should look into renting a PO box, and then use that as your address. 


I don't personally use Printify, so I'm not 100% sure if there's a way to hide the address from being shown or not. 


Depending on how deep you are into the setup process, I'd recommend looking into using Printful instead.


Printful has settings/options for controlling exactly what information is shown within the packing slip ... and the 'ship from' address they use is their own warehouse's address. 

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