Phone support or no Phone support on site?

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Hey guys, I wanted to reach out to the community and see how you guys look at phone support vs. no phone support on site. We've always just handled customer service via email/social media since we started, but year after year we're getting more requests around phone support. Our client base is a bit older so it makes sense, but I'm hesitant to offer phone support due to bandwidth. I don't think our existing CS rep has the capacity to handle more than what she's doing right now. Anybody have any thoughts on this or any suggestions on how to handle phone without destroying our cs reps already stretched bandwith?

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Phone support is huge for us as we sell custom goods, but can be hard to get off the ground. What I find is that you really need to bring on some extra hands to take on the task. Handling calls in comparison to just email and social media can really be a whole different ball game and requires a different skill set. On point soft skills and great problem solving skills to provide the CX with an overall experience that makes them want to come back. We have handle all of our customer support including our phone calls, and they do such a good job. The 2 reps that handle calls are pretty much sales reps for our team. Also, opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling with the right skills on the call 😉