Physical and non-physical versions of same product

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Hi everyone.


I currently sell PDF workbooks in my Shopify store but am now ready to make printed versions available.


Is it possible to have these two options within the same product page? I can see that I must choose physical/non-physical product when adding an item to my shop, but I would love customers to be able to select print or PDF within the same page (rather than creating two separate product pages).


Is this possible?


Many thanks


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One way could be to create a variant of a product - A physical and a PDF. But mark the whole product as 'This is a Physical Product'


You can use a digital download app like Wire to upload a file against the PDF and Wire sends it across, and if someone selects 'Physical' you could send only the Physical version via other apps. Wire also enables you to bundle both Physical and PDF in the same order.


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