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I ordered physical gift cards from shopify to sell to clients. I can not figure out how to tie the gift card code on the back to an order with a $ denomination. Ive read over the faq and instructions many times and dont see the options it has listed. Please help. I added them as a product to my store and did a test sale but I dont see anywhere to tie a specific card number to the order sale.

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Hey, @AllTheEvos!


I'd love to help you with this gift card concern. Our physical gift cards are actually not designed to be sold online, they're mainly for selling in person through our Point of Sale channel, but they can be sold using a workaround. Before I explain the workaround, please bear in mind that this affects your sales reports. The sale of this gift card will be counted twice: once when the physical gift card product is sold, and once when the physical gift card is redeemed. 


These are the steps for selling physical gift cards online:


  1. Create a new regular product (not a gift card product). For example, a product called Physical Gift Card.
  2. Create variants on this product for the amounts (value) you want the customers to choose from (e.g. $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, $100.00)
  3. When a customer purchases a physical gift card, take a new card from your stack of physical gift cards and go to Products > Gift Cards in your Shopify admin.
  4. Click Create Gift Card.
  5. Enter the 16 digit code from the back of the physical gift card. This is how the physical gift card is activated.
  6. Enter the amount (value) that the customer paid for.
  7. Do not attach a customer. Only do this when you wish to email a customer a digital gift card.
  8. Click Save to create the gift card.
  9. Mail the customer the physical gift card.
  10. The customer will be able to enter the 16 digit code from the back of the physical gift card into the checkout field when purchasing from the merchants online store.


I understand the duplication of sales in the sales report is not ideal so I'll make sure to let our platform development team know you would like a native feature for selling physical gift cards online. Should we introduce this feature in the future, we'll publish it in the changelog.

Summer | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks Summer!  In our store, associates don't have access to the Shopify Admin.  What's the easiest way to set this up for physical gift cards on Shopify POS? I don't think our current procedure is the best.....Thanks