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Hi there,

I have many customers that order multiple items at once for instore pickup.
Some of the order are Preorders but they come in to collect what is currently available, whilst waiting for the Preorder items to arrive.
They often say they didn't receive any notification that even part of their order is ready. This is because there is no way to split or partially fulfill a pickup order.

It's frustrating because I would like to be able to notify them that at least some of their order is ready and perhaps they will come and spend on other items instore.
The only way I have been able to keep track of what has been collected by the is editing in the Notes section = bulky and plenty of room for error!

Does Shopify have any plans to provide the ability to do this, or is there an existing Feature Request?


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Hi @Richie_Ramone 

If you want to partially fulfill an order, you can follow this guide, it will tell you how to.

Hope it helps!

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No, that is for fulfilling orders that are to be shipped.
I'm specifically looking for how to do this for PICKUP orders (please note subject title) and, although I appreciate your attempt at helping, your answer is not the solution.

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We have the same issue! Some items are pre-orders and the customer still wants to come pick up what we have in stock now. But yeah - there's no efficient way to partially fulfill an order that's designated for local pickup. Right now we just have to manually comment for the partial pickup and then fulfill the whole thing when the pre-order item is ready - which poses issues for inventory management. 

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Sorry you're experiencing the same issue.
It's very frustrating and Shopify seem intent on making cosmetic changes, rather than adding actual useful improvements.

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I'm looking for this too!