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Pinterest Integration

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Hi Shopify,

I recently added the Pinterest sales channel to my Shopify shop and was able to integrate it with my shop. However, the product image on Pinterest pages was randomly selected from Shopify product images. Therefore, the image shown on Pinterest does not match the description of the product.


It also does not show the price on Pinterest. 


For example,
The image shown attached is the fourth image of the product uploaded on Shopify. 


I would like to display the first image uploaded on Shopify on Pinterest. Please help!

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Hello @Kyungmin 


I've thoroughly accessed your issue and here is the solution.

I know that you've attained the Pinterest merchant account access and that means that all the products you have in your store with the variants will automatically turn to pins in your store which is done randomly.


To make the real products in your store your preferred Pin, you need to create pins using your real product images shown in your store.


A proper and professionally done Pins will include the image, pin title which will turn out to be the product title, descriptions and the CTA.