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My products will not be distributed on Pinterest because of the following issues: 

  • Ensuring that the shipping policy is clearly visible and easy to find on my website.
  • Making sure that the return policy is easy to find, with clear indications if returns are not accepted.
  • Ensuring that my domain includes an authentic 'About Us' section, functional social media links, and up-to-date contact information.

I must admit, I find myself thoroughly confused about what exactly needs to be corrected. Currently, I have both the Shipping and Returns Policies prominently displayed in the footer of my website, providing detailed and comprehensive information. Additionally, the return policy is reiterated on every product page alongside the product description.

Furthermore, I have invested time and effort into crafting a comprehensive About Us page, and the Contact Us page is also readily available in the footer.


My website:


If anyone can help me to understand what it is I am supposed to fix, I'd appreciate it. 


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Just took a look at your site. 


The policy pages look good (content-wise). I'm not sure if it would make a difference, but you could try copying the content you're using for the policies into the actual policy settings within the Shopify admin. 


Admin > Settings > Policies  --- make sure these are all filled out with the same content you're using on the pages linked in your footer, and then swap the links out so that you're linking directly to the policy templates (instead of regular content pages). Pinterest might be crawling the URL for pages that contain /policies/ in the URL (not 100% sure, but it wouldn't hurt to make the change). 


About Us page looks good. 

Social media links look good. 


Your contact page doesn't have any info on it though (it's just the contact form). You could try updating that page with some more details, and see if that helps. 


Another thing to try is turning off the loading icon when you first enter the site. 




loading screen.png


It's possible that this loading screen might be preventing Pinterest's crawler from seeing the site (ie. they might think this loading screen IS the full site, and then doesn't wait for the rest to load). Again, not 100% sure this is the case, but is definitely worth testing to find out. 

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