Place for customer to enter discount on draft order?

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If I am sending my customers draft orders, is there a way to allow them to enter their own discount code? I know I can enter a discount when I send it, but if they have a loyalty coupon code or something, I'd like them to be able to enter that.



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Hi @ChristineG 

You can do that by clicking on "Send Invoice", that way they can access the order just before completing, add the code and be on their way 🙂

Let me know if that solves it for you!

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I am definitely hitting send invoice, otherwise the customer wouldn't see it or be able to pay it, or am I misunderstanding what you are saying? My customer said she didn't see anywhere to enter a discount code, so I didn't know if draft invoices were different than standard ones when they went to pay them.

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Hi Christine,

By default, the checkout link from the "send invoice" button from draft order, unfortunately does not allow customer to input discount code. (Shopify limitation).

To workaround this limitation, I have made an app that allows you to generate a separate checkout from the draft order, which the customer can enter discount on the checkout, you would need to send the link of this checkout to your customer separately (not using the "send invoice" button).

You can install the app (Draft Helper) here : , there's a free plan which you can try it out.

After installing the app, go to your draft order, click "More actions" on top right > "Generate discountable checkout link". This will generate a checkout link which you can send to your customer, and then they can enter the discount code there.

Discount code on draft orderDiscount code on draft order

Hope this can help!

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@soulchild37 NICE!! Very curious to know how you achieved this.

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