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Hi, everyone!  I'm in the researching stage of finding a website that will allow me to rearrange my products according to my liking, rather than the options shown from the drop down menu.  I've just spent 2 hours with a customer service rep asking if I can manually arrange my products to have control of what customers see in my preferred order.  After 2 hours of asking the same question, I was finally given the answer that the only options are those given from the drop down menu; featured, best selling, A to Z order, etc.  I currently have a GoDaddy site, but that doesn't allow me to arrange my order either.  This seems to be a no-brainer request, but I'm learning it's not.  

Before abandoning Shopify as an option, can someone confirm with me that re-arranging my product order randomly to my liking is not a feature offered?  Thank you!!


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Hi @klcsii 

Don't abandon Shopify just yet, this is doable! Please check the link from Shopify here: Collection layout and appearance · Shopify Help Center that should help you out!

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