Please why I'm I not getting orders...I have completed the verification process

Please why I'm I not getting orders...I have completed the verification process

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I have uploaded a document and everything is done.. even added payment methods still no orders pls I need help 🙏

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Hi, @ISRA_ 

According to your description, you seems to solve this problem from the aspect of Acquisition, activation and retention, in order to boost sales of the store.


1.Is the traffic enough (Acquisition)

The first step of selling product is to attract the customers to your website and it also has to be a large number. People don’t automatically come to your online store just because you did it great.

Therefore, you need to do something to attract your customers. Place ads on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Google and other platforms to let users know that you have a website before they can enter your website. You can also attract from communities, blogs, and SEO, but the effect of this method is a little slower, and you have to be patient patience.


2.Is there any action to activate the customer


Activation means that when a user comes to your website and complete a specified action. It’s common that let the customers to leave their email address in the E-commerce website, such as using pop-up window to present a 10% or 20% shopping coupon, attract them to leave the email.   On an e-commerce website, you usually ask the user to leave their contact information, for example: give a pop-up window and give the user a 10% or 20% discount Coupons, allowing users to leave their email addresses.


This is considered to activate the user. With the customers’ contact information, you can reach them in the future.


3.How to convert customers (retention)


The user conversion of e-commerce websites is the behaviour of buying products. Discounts for the first order can be given to encourage users to complete the first order transaction. A time limited coupon, such 24-hour or 2-hour coupons can give customers sense of urgency and give them motivation to quickly place an order.


Continue to send some information through emails to customers who have already been activated until the customers form conversions.


Above all, first check whether there is any traffic entering the website, secondly check whether the user has left contact information, and finally check whether there is an order.


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What is it that you're selling and have you completed your store setup? Could you please provide me with a link to your store?

Sales are only the end result of a business plan. You will need a marketing plan, which usually involves a content strategy.

The better you can help me understand your brand, business model, and goals, the better I can help you!

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