Portfolio / Gallery done right?

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Hey Shopify friends


I've been on Shopify for several years. I sell art prints with my husband on www.jennyojens.com

We are looking for inspiration for how creatives show their portfolios on a shopify site. 

Ideally we want clickable images/gif shown on a grid, that open up in a new, scrollable window with the whole photo/video series. Like adobe behance.  
Here are our REEL section on instagram https://www.instagram.com/breakfastdesign/ 


Have you seen some nice looking galleries on shopify please share. 😃 

Hoping to get some insight via this great forum 😃

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Have you had any luck with this? I've tried over the years and cannot find a theme that has a decent art gallery feature. This along with other annoyances has got be thinking to switch to squarespace.


As of now I have a gallery on wix that I link to.


The Art Of Robert Jimenez
Instagram: @zerostreet
Twitter: @zerostreet