POS - Default to "No Customer" for all transactions... PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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Dear Shopify,


I know this issue is like selling salt to slugs.... but specifically for the POS system:


-You have the capability to default to "NO CUSTOMER" for POS transactions. All of my cash transactions default to "No customer". Then, I can happily go back at the end of the day and assign it to the appropriate customer (which is a time-consuming, but acceptable work-around).


-PLEASE give us the ability to default our entire POS system to "No customer". POS customers don't use an email or phone to check out....so all the issues with your merge-customers-who-aren't-really-customers-no-such-thing-as-an-account-database-coding-blah-blah-blah doesn't actually have to apply.


Here is my most recent transaction on my POS - the system added the order to "Visa Cardholder" (which I would love to say is a first, but I have many orders under "Visa Cardholder" unfortunately....) for a $2.03 "oh let me add this right quick, after hours, during a local-pickup of another order" transaction.  This sort of thing should default to "No Customer".... not "Visa Cardholder"..... "Visa Cardholder" has NO IDENTIFYING DATA why would POS automatically assign that instead of leaving it unassigned?????????????


And yes I can share this without editing out the order number, because what is anyone going to do with this information??? I know who it was but my data can't because this capture is straight up useless!!!


Thanks for listening.


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Also, if an account comes in as "Visa Cardholder" keep in mind that any email marketing with personalization such as first name replacements will say thing like "Hello Visa Cardholder" which I'm sure customers really appreciate...

I mention this so you (or anyone reading this) knows to clean their list to avoid issues with automated emails

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Shopify POS NEEDS THIS ABILITY!  We are currently only using POS, but about to move our ecomm over as well.  I already have over 4K useless customer POS data - and growing.  I have yet to find a way to segment this out by channel and I do not have the time nor need to understand POS customers - in store fast paced , impulse purchases.   


I am worried about the integrity of data once I dump in my 8K online customers - that I actually want to market to.. SHOPIFY please FIX THIS!  

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This issue has been a thorn in my side for a few years now, but it really came to a head when I started looking at apps (in my case, rewards points programs) and all of them decided your payment tier based on the number of customers you have. Because we were totally POS (no website) for the first year, we had thousands of customers, but contact info for less than 10% of them. The other 90+% were some form of No Customer, Visa Customer, or the like.


I gave up on this a long time ago.