POS Go and Wifi paring Connection

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Is anyone having trouble pairing the Shopify Go Device with an iPad hotspot. (iPad Air 5th Generation with AT&T Cellular Data Plan) We get our Go Device connected then it disconnects. If you try to reconnect, the network name will not show up. So we enter in the network name and password. Then get a "Network Error"??? YES the network name and password are correct. So we turn off both the iPad and the Go. Start all over. Multiple times with no luck. It was just connected for 3/4 of the day. Now we cannot get it to reconnect!!! This is just as bad as the chip reader! 


Questions for Shopify:

1. Why make a mobile POS system that requires Wifi. Yet the devise does not support a wireless data plan? No connections! Make it self sustainable!!!

2. Why can't you plug the GO device into an iPad using a USB cable for the network connection? Once again. Simple. Since the pairing clearly does not work.

3. Why does the Go disconnect in the first place. Why does the Go not re-pair as a known network when it does disconnect?

4. The Go has no more bluetooth connection issues with the card reader. But now this one has WiFi pairing issues. Making it useless. 
5. Do you test these before releasing it on your customers? Sure does not seem like it and your Tech Support's only advice is turning things on and off again or factory resetting the device. Come on! That is the best you have.

6. Network Error - What the hell does that mean? Apparently nothing! Why show an error code if there is not support documentation to resolve it. Tech support doesn't even know what that means. 

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Agree - we have had a major disaster with these units.    They don't pick up the WIFI - only help shopify gave us was restart - does nothing.   Frustrated too

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Yes it’s a disaster.  Who can get WP2 wifi at a pop up event or convention.  Waste of money