Possible to widen the shopify admin page?

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  1. The previous fix for widening the shopify admin page (specifically the product details area). The amount of scrolling needed which checking/modifying several sections is unnecessary. The previous fix I found via chrome extension (Widescreen Shopify Admin) no longer appears to work.Screenshot 2023-05-27 183435.png
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As far as I know, there's no way to widen the admin panel. How long ago was the plugin working for you?

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Roughly 3 months ago I believe. Worked extremely well and exactly as I intended.

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I figured out a fix!


The negative space on the sides of the admin pages has always annoyed the bejeezus out of me. Old shopify was never like that and I could easily see product variant names, prices, quantities and skus all within the page, no scroll bar required. And then slowly over time, shopify began shrinking the admin panel, while also adding more product information, such as on hand, committed, unavailable... making me have to scroll even further to see info I needed. Widescreen Shopify Admin was a blessing!


I've been out of work for awhile due to illness and I just logged onto shopify and immediately noticed the negative space was back. I WILL NOT HAVE THAT!


Shopify changed their admin URL from myshopify.com/admin to admin.shopify.com, so you just need to edit the extension to reflect this.


I am a totally noob to programming and extension and such but I figured out a fix for this extension, you just need to follow some pretty easy instructions. I'll write out the instructions on how to do it specifically for the the Widescreen Shopify Admin extension, but I also linked the page for editing general extensions at the bottom of this.


  1. Uninstall the extension you're looking to modify or skip this step if the extension is not already installed.
  2. Add the Chrome Extension Source Viewer extension to your Chrome browser (make sure to pin it your extension bar in the top right, makes it a little easier).
  3. Go to the Widescreen Shopify Admin extension page Widescreen Shopify Admin (do not install) and click the CRX extension button in the top right of Chrome and to "Download as ZIP."
  4. Unzip it and inspect the files.
  5. First, delete the _metadata folder, as Chrome tries to limit extensions not downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store and you will get a random error message if you keep the metadata folder.
  6. Open the manifest.json file.
  7. Change "matches": ["*://*.myshopify.com/admin*"] to "matches": ["*://admin.shopify.com*"]
  8. Save the file... I also moved the file to somewhere it wouldn't get deleted.
  9. Go to chrome://extensions in your browser, choose "developer mode" and click "load unpacked extension." Choose the entire folder... the parent folder should be khaaleajdipmabnpppejimgmigfgjmmb
  10. You might get an error that says something about the manifest version being out of date, but doesn't seem to affect the extension from working as it did before.

This is where I found the instructions for editing a Chrome Extension... How to Edit Chrome Extensions


Hope that works as it did for me! Once you get it up and running again, if on Mac, you can hit command + - to scale the page down, which allows you to see even more info on the admin page, and I managed to get the horizontal scroll bar to disappear completely... living the shopify dream.