Predictive Search Do Not Works As Normal Search

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I'm using the Dawn theme, I would love to use this theme. I have searched many themes on but there is no theme that I really like, but Predictive Search on Dawn theme works really bad.

When I search for a product on my site the suggested results of the predictive search often do not coincide with the search results.
Example: My product name is "Martin D-18", If I look for "Martin D18" nothing is suggested and I get the message that there are no products but if I press Enter I am sent to the search results page with a series of products that match the search criteria, including the product "Martin D-18".

Meanwhile, when I use other themes that I bought on, they all support very well, just write "d18" is all the products whose product name contains "d" and "18" " appear immediately without having to press Enter, including the product "Martin D-18"

My website:

Please support me to make Predictive Search work. Thank you!


When type "d18", nothing is suggested


After pressing Enter, lots of matching products are displayed

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Thank you for comment.
1 - I am a retailer, so I do not arbitrarily name the product, I use the name given by the manufacturer for the product.
2 - I can't find the file "Search.liquid", I have tried searching in the files with the word "search" in the name like search.json, main-search.liquid, predictive_search.liquid... but there is no file found. there is a snippet "window.performance && performance.mark('shopify.content_for_header.start');"

I even deleted the theme and re-downloaded it from scratch.
3 - I don't want to depend on the app as it can slow down my store, instead I'm looking to buy a theme on that meets my needs, as most of the themes I buy first here on have an instant search feature that works great. But I really like the mega menu layout and simplicity of the Dawn theme.
4 - I would consider hiring a professional, but this will probably be the last option, because I often change themes, and Shopify also regularly upgrades themes, I don't want to have to hire experts every time I change the theme, Working with experts takes a lot of time
Hopefully someone can help with the problem, and it would be great if this could be handled by Shopify itself with a new upgrade to the themes provided by Shpify. I don't think this is an impossible task, as apparently most of the themes sold on have an instant search feature that works very well. Instant search results in the search bar are exactly the same as on the search results page.
Once again thank you!