Prestige Theme - adding pages and customising them

Prestige Theme - adding pages and customising them

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I am testing the Prestige theme and I am 99% sure I will purchase it but I am testing some finishing touches.

I am creating a few different pages like 'about', 'faq', 'shipping', and 'bespoke' but I can only assign all these pages to one theme which is 'default'. I have tried to create a new theme but it does not appear on the drop-down menu (I think I am seeing the theme drop-downs for Dawn, the default theme.

Is there an issue with Prestige or am I missing something?

I wanted to have about 10 different pages and customise them all differently. Does this mean I have to create 10 different themes so that I have 10 different templates because each page has a different layout? The reason I ask is at the moment all pages are assigned to the theme 'default' but when i change the layout of one, all of them change which is what i do not want.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is my store page:

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Hi, @legem 

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