Prevent inbox replies from going to customers spam?

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I realized today that when a user sends me a chat message via Shopify / shop inbox and I reply after they log off it goes to their spam.  

even on a test with a user who is subscribed to my store this happened. Is there any way to fix this? I’ve had queries regarding pretty large orders and I responded and got no reply since, so I’m losing out.. 


Thank you. 

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Hello @eldean0,

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If your responses to customer messages sent through Shopify's shop inbox are categorized as spam when the customers are offline, there are several factors to consider and potential solutions to explore.

* Whitelisting your email address

Request that your customers add your email address to their contacts or whitelist it in their email settings. This action can help ensure that your replies are not filtered as spam. Provide clear instructions on how to perform this action, and consider including it in your automated messages or email signatures.

* Email filtering

It is possible that the email service provider or client used by your customers is marking your replies as spam. This can happen due to various reasons, such as the content of the message or the recipient's email settings. To address this, advise your customers to check their spam or junk folders for your replies and mark them as "not spam" if found there.

* Message content improvement

Review your message content for any elements that could trigger spam filters, such as spam-like phrases or excessively promotional language. Sometimes, specific words or phrases can set off spam filters. Take the time to personalize your message templates, ensuring that they are relevant and devoid of suspicious content.

* Timing of responses

Significant delays in responding to customers after they have logged off may contribute to the messages being flagged as spam. To mitigate this, make an effort to respond promptly to customer inquiries, minimizing any potential delay.

* Contact Shopify support

If you have attempted the above steps and the issue persists, it is advisable to seek assistance from Shopify's support team.

Keep in mind that since Shopify's shop inbox integrates with email systems, the behavior of spam filters may also be influenced by the recipient's email provider. Encourage your customers to review their email settings and spam filters to ensure that your messages are not mistakenly classified as spam.

Please feel free to ask if you require any additional clarification.


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This reply wasn’t really helpful. Anyone find a way to prevent replies going to spam? I wish the reply could show for my email address and not some randomized Shopify address. Is there a better chat app out there?