Price updating for variants is inconsistent

Price updating for variants is inconsistent

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We sell awards/medals, so we have a lot of different customization options on our products (here is an example) using variants on the product pages.  We also use an app (King Product Options & Variant) for variants that don't change the price, since, for items like medals, there may be many different designs and ribbon colours to choose from, and the regular Shopify product page builder doesn't allow for that many options.


However we've noticed that on the live/published version of our website, the price variants don't always update correctly, and there does not seem to be any pattern to when they work and don't work.  I've tried switching from lower priced variants to higher, from higher to lower, combining different variants on items that have more than one set of variants, refreshing the page, and checking the website in incognito mode and in other browsers. Sometimes the price changes as it should, and sometimes it doesn't. We know all the prices are correct on the product page, because sometimes they show up correctly on the site. It's just that sometimes clicking a different variant (or multiple variants) does not trigger the page to load the correct price.


We've found that removing individual variant photos fixes the problem, but then of course the photo does not display the selected variant which is confusing for customers.


This is somewhat difficult to explain, so I've included a picture below that hopefully demonstrates the inconsistency.


I'm wondering if this is perhaps a bug that comes with having more than one set of variants per product, if it could be because the app we're using is interfering in some way, or if there is some other reason for and solution to this?


variant price updating.jpg

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