Pricing, Product name and Variant Order Keeps Changing By Itself (Using AutoDS and Shopify Refresh)

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Im having a change problem which I cant seem to solve. I imported all my products with AutoDS (auto pricing option is turned off). Yet still the pricing and the Compare At Pricing of my products is constantly and automatically changing.


Also the order of the variants is changing by itself as well as the name of the product. I know it happens when I sell an order, it happens every time. But for the rest of the products it also happens. I cant seem to figure out how to stop this. Because changing this all the time is a manual process it takes me a lot of time. Really hope someone can help me! 


Im using AutoDS as import service and the theme is Refresh.


Hope to hear from you soon.

Victor - VIFRE 

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were you able to solve this? This is also my problem. I first set it to Php so the price is according to peso. I changed it to dollars yet it always reverts back to peso after a day. its frustrating