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Hello, we are looking into possibly integrating Printify into our Shopify site. How is shipping managed when people by non Printify items in addition to items we have on hand. Are they charged shipping twice? What options are there?


The whole process seems pretty easy, but this is a big question for us. 


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Integrating Printify into your Shopify site can indeed open up opportunities for offering a wider range of products to your customers. Managing shipping, especially when customers purchase both Printify items and other products you have on hand, is a common concern. Here are some options and considerations:

  1. Combined Shipping Rates: One option is to set up combined shipping rates for your products. This means that regardless of whether the item is fulfilled by Printify or stocked by you, customers will be charged a single shipping fee based on the total weight or value of their entire order. Shopify allows you to configure shipping rates based on various criteria, including weight, price, location, etc.

  2. Flat Rate Shipping: You could offer flat-rate shipping for all orders, regardless of the products they contain. This simplifies the shipping process for customers and ensures they aren't charged multiple shipping fees.

  3. Free Shipping Threshold: Consider setting a minimum order value threshold for free shipping. This encourages customers to add more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping, which can help offset any shipping costs associated with individual Printify items.

  4. Communicate Shipping Policies Clearly: Regardless of the approach you choose, it's essential to clearly communicate your shipping policies to customers. Make sure they understand how shipping fees are calculated, whether there are any special conditions for combined shipping, and what to expect in terms of delivery times for both Printify and non-Printify items.

  5. Testing and Adjusting: After implementing your shipping strategy, monitor customer feedback and order patterns. If you find that customers are unhappy with shipping fees or if there are any issues with combining shipping for Printify and non-Printify items, be prepared to adjust your approach accordingly.

By carefully considering these options and possibly testing different strategies, you can effectively manage shipping for both Printify and non-Printify items on your Shopify site while providing a positive experience for your customers.