Printing Online Food Orders To Kitchen Printer

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I saw Shopify has themes for local food delivery and pickup. However I can't seem to find any way to print food orders made online (not POS mode) automatically to a kitchen chit printer. I tried searching google, the Shopify App Store and this forum. Does anyone have a solution for how to do this? It's a make or break issue for us using Shopify for our orders right now.


Thank you

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I have a similar problem at my restaurant, just wondering if you found a solution?

Regards, Jóhannes  

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You are looking for a solution to automatically print food orders made online on a kitchen chit printer in Shopify, specifically for local food delivery and pickup themes. While Shopify offers various themes and integrations, the automatic printing of online food orders to a kitchen chit printer might require additional customization or the use of specific apps.

Here are a few suggestions you can explore to address this issue:

  1. Third-Party Apps: Shopify has a wide range of third-party apps available in the Shopify App Store. You can search for apps that specialize in kitchen printing or order fulfillment to see if any of them meet your requirements. Look for features like automatic printing and integration with kitchen chit printers. Some popular apps in this category include Order Printer, Order Printer Pro, and Printer+.

  2. Custom Development: If you have technical expertise or access to a developer, you can explore the option of custom development. Shopify provides APIs and documentation that allow developers to create custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. By integrating with the appropriate APIs and setting up a system to communicate with your kitchen chit printer, you can automate the printing process.

  3. Shopify Experts: Consider reaching out to Shopify Experts, who are certified professionals with expertise in Shopify development. They can help you find or build a solution that meets your requirements. The Shopify Experts directory can be found on the Shopify website, and you can search for experts specializing in app development or integrations.

Before proceeding, I recommend reaching out to Shopify support directly. They can provide you with further guidance and assistance in finding the right solution for your specific use case.

I hope these suggestions help you find a suitable solution for automatically printing food orders to a kitchen chit printer in Shopify. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.



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This is the same issue I am having with my boutique. I have contacted Shopify (again, today) and they are looking into it more and will be emailing me back. 

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Was there any resolution to this? My store is needing a similar solution!

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We created the perfect application to print each order automatically without worrying about being attached to a tablet or cell phone. On each order placed we print what the customer orders along with any special instructions and address if it is local delivery or shipping and more.

Orders Printer App - click here to see it in the app store ->