private label brand building

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i want to start a private label ecommerce clothing brand with shopify plus in pakistan stat with single product but do not manufactured the by myself made from others jut like big brands nike , adiddas, zara, versace and i expand to more products later on i want to inlcude every thing under this brand from fashion beauty and garment guide me i detail beacuse i see their are sepcific separate brand for specific category for gym wear nike for shoes adiddas and nike for apparel h&h versace or perfume their is different for camectic their is different so thats why i want to do it all under single brand also when i buy the subscription of shopify plus what i can do next beacuse ido not want to handle this all how to work with agencies with shopify plus who can find products their making sourcing shippment and warehousing marketing and all other stuff a to a they handle it and i just overlook this please guide me brief and detail with step by step process

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